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Guide to choosing the right banking lawyer


Jan 21, 2023
right banking lawyer

Intervening in disputes concerning problems of credit, debt or payment (transfer, check, etc.), the lawyer in banking law has the necessary knowledge to deal with these conflicts. His field of activity, which may seem to be limited, does not prevent him from being a great help. Indeed, problems of a banking nature can become very annoying if they are not dealt with quickly.

The essentials to know about the profession of lawyer in banking law

The lawyer in banking law or in financial law is a lawyer specialized in the banking field. As part of commercial law, banking legislation is responsible for the management of all financial or banking activities, but also of their actors. Among the main activities of the lawyer in banking law, we distinguish:

In other words, the lawyer in banking law is therefore a major player in the resolution of disputes in the banking field. They mainly carry out their activity with banks, organizations in the finance sector or with individual customers.

The areas of intervention of the banking law lawyer

When setting up a business , problems with banks can be quite recurrent. Calling on a banking lawyer can help the company obtain its investments more quickly, while guaranteeing the seriousness of it. The banking lawyer can also help to:

  • the resolution of problems related to bank overdrafts and their high rates;
  • account management, payments, bank guarantees, movement of commercial paper and funds, and sureties.
  • Banking litigation
  • Subscribing to a loan involves both parties (the creditor and the borrower) respecting a few obligations:
  • an obligation of information and instruction towards the borrower for the creditor;
  • an obligation to provide a guarantee by taking out insurance for the borrower.

Non -compliance with these obligations can then lead to what is called “  Banking Litigation  ”. Bank litigation may also exist in cases where the granting or refusal of credit is abusive. To avoid any legal banking problems, it is advisable to be accompanied by a banking lawyer when concluding a contract.

The criteria to take into account when choosing a lawyer in banking law

In order to ensure the proper resolution of disputes , it is important to consider the following criteria:

professional experience: certainly all lawyers have gone through the same training course, but professional experience plays a key role;

the nature of the dispute: It is important to ensure that the lawyer chosen is experienced and has had successful experience in the field in which the case is located;

fees: Ensure that the lawyer’s fees respect the standards;

responsiveness: The lawyer must have a good sense of listening and propose adequate solutions in stride.

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