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Open an account without a bank: how to do it?


Jan 21, 2023
account without a bank

Need to open a business account with more affordable account maintenance fees? For the needs of your business, do you quickly need a RIB? So, instead of going through classic banks or traditional banks, why not choose an account without a bank ? What is it about ? How to create a bank account without a bank ? A guide.

Account without a bank: what is it?

To find the best offer, consider first using an account comparator without a bank . However, what is an account without a bank? It is a deposit account that is not held with a traditional bank, like traditional bank accounts. The opening of your account is done rather with a secure financial institution and established legally by the monetary and financial code. In the same way as the account opened with a traditional bank, the account without a bank offers almost the same banking operations, such as:

Use of bank cards and online payment : Visa card, Mastercard, etc. Despite this, there are a few inaccessible banking services, such as using a checkbook, cashing checks, applying for a loan or opening an investment. The authorized overdraft also only exists in the usual banks.

How to open an account without a bank?

To open your account without a bank , you have two options. Or, you go to the website of the financial company offering the opening of a bank account without a bank . Either, you proceed to the request to open a Nickel account with your tobacconist. To open a new bank account without a bank , you must provide the following supporting documents:

Unlike the opening of traditional accounts, opening an account without a bank is done quickly. So you can access your account and use it in just ten minutes. It is the same for the bank card and the bank identity statement.

What are the advantages of opening an account without a bank?

Opening a bank account without a bank has as many advantages, compared to opening a bank account held by a traditional banking institution:

  • more affordable prices ;
  • more transparency in tariffs;
  • more accessible : there is no income requirement to be able to open it. The account can also be opened by persons of foreign nationality;
  • obtaining an IBAN or RIB in less than ten minutes;
  • possibility of making transfers and direct debits online , provided that the beneficiary has also opened a bank account without a bank;
  • possibility of using a Visa or Mastercard card;
  • Security : the account without a bank is secure.

So, who is opening an account without a bank for ? Adults over the age of 18, over-indebted people, students with little or no monthly income, anyone prohibited from banking, minors between 12 and 17 years old under parental responsibility, etc. can open such an account.

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