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The benefits of online payment methods


Jan 21, 2023
online payment methods

Fast payments, time saving, dematerialization of invoices, improvement of the relationship of trust between the two parties… Online payment has many advantages.

Online payment: what is it?

Online payment is a secure transaction system allowing payment to be collected anywhere and anytime via a PC or smartphone. There are various online payment methods :

Online payment integrated into a website to accept payments by credit card, and other means of payment (electronic wallet, instant transfer, etc.);

payment by e-mail or sms, which allows a secure payment link to be sent to redirect the customer to an independent payment page.

How does online payment work?

In order to make an online payment, you must of course have an internet connection on your smartphone or on your computer. You will choose the desired products then you will put them in your basket. You mention your bank details in order to pay for your purchases by checking that the platform is well secured.

Integrating online payment on your site allows your website to attract more customers, because it saves them time.

What are the benefits of online payment methods?

Automation, speed, simplicity, modern imageā€¦ There are several advantages to using an online payment system .

The speed of transactions

Collecting your customers from an email or SMS payment link is very valuable, as it will save them time . It is the same on your side. Users of online invoicing software can expect to be paid sooner than those who don’t.

A simple use

No check to fill out, no transfer to make, everything becomes simpler for the company and its customers. The company will no longer have to manually establish the data relating to the payment. In addition, there are fewer errors related, for example, to the cashing of checks.

A gain in productivity

By using online payment coupled with invoicing or management software, you can simplify your bank reconciliations in an automated way. This saves you time . The following topics are optimized:

  • payment verifications;
  • monitoring deadlines;
  • the waiting times for a transfer.

Online payment is recommended for companies wishing to keep up with the competition. As everything is modernized today, customers are increasingly looking for relatively simple solutions to pay for their purchases.

Comparison of various online payment solutionsĀ 

Before making your choice, it is recommended to compare the multiple payment solutions. This study must take into consideration several criteria such as:

  • service activation and transaction fees;
  • the devices used to guarantee the security of payments;
  • the features that merchants can access;
  • the data storage method;
  • ease of use;
  • user reviews;
  • software certifications;
  • the reputation of the supplier.

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