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When should you open your retirement savings plan?


Jan 21, 2023
retirement savings plan

It is customary to say that the earlier you start saving, the less effort you will have to make to reach your goals . It is in this way that even if any individual, whatever their socio-professional situation, can subscribe to the Retirement Savings Plan (PER ) at any time, it is preferable not to wait until their retirement is approaching to do so. You are certainly wondering what age would be a good time to start preparing for retirement in complete peace of mind. We answer you.

Who is best suited for a per?

The PER is a savings that is not conditioned by age or professional categories. The  preparation for retirement can then be done by anyone at the time they wish.

any individual without distinction is able to open a retirement savings plan. However, it is important to remember that the choice of PER to prepare for retirement is much more beneficial to taxpayers whose taxation is within a margin of more than 30%. This reminder is important because if you choose voluntary payments, they will be deducted from your taxable income. Liberal professionals are particularly among those eligible to subscribe to the PER.

What period is best for opening a per?

At any time, yes, but the experts all agree that it is much more advantageous to start saving as soon as possible . For example, an individual begins to prepare for his retirement by making small and regular contributions from his first jobs until the day before his retirement. It is quite normal for the capital saved to be colossal to allow him to fully ensure his old age. What would be the minimum age to have the privilege of storing a large capital to start his retirement in good and due form?

Subscribing around 18: is it a good decision?

Generally, any individual aged 18 at least and 68 at most is able to prepare for retirement by opening a PER. Despite this age bracket, it should be recognized that it makes more sense to take out this type of savings at certain stages of one’s life rather than others.

It would be of little interest for an 18-year-old to subscribe, for example, to an individual PER for the simple reason that he does not yet have financial stability to his credit. This instability could potentially lead him to pay his contributions at very long intervals, and sometimes not at all. The return will not be the most satisfactory in the end.

Preparing for retirement in your thirties: is it ideal?

there will not be enough money to save. Know that saving for retirement is not just about money. You can start by investing little, while making sure you adopt a regular way of saving. It is therefore not the initial capital that counts at this stage of your life, but the use you make of this time. Preparing for retirement from your thirties turns out to be a good idea since you have a lot of time ahead of you.

Preparing for retirement: between 40, 50 and 60, what is the strategic age?

From the age of 40, you stabilize financially, you may already have become a real estate owner and your children will have grown up. This leaves you a margin of time of 20 to 25 years to effectively ensure your old age. The fifties and sixties are periods of risk, because the older you get, the less easy it will be to build up capital to prepare for retirement profitably without tightening your belt too much. As you will have understood, 40 is the most strategic and reassuring age to open a PER  !

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