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Digital Recruitment Versus Conventional Recruitment Methods


May 10, 2023
Digital Recruitment Versus

In the realm of IT recruitment, embracing digitalization, having a willingness to learn, and fostering innovative thinking are essential. Enhancing the hiring process’s quality is now a top priority for recruiters. While traditional recruitment still holds value in certain situations, it often falls short in identifying specialists where digital channels don’t produce the desired outcomes.

As a result, most IT companies are adopting a hybrid recruitment approach, combining online interactions with in-person interviews. This method isn’t complicated, but it does streamline the process of selecting the most qualified candidates.

Benefits of Online Recruitment

Compared to traditional recruitment, digital recruitment offers several advantages:

  • Expedited process – Digital platforms eliminate bureaucratic hindrances, making the recruitment process more efficient, especially during the CV screening phase. HR personnel’s limited time becomes less of an issue.
  • Time-saving – Digital tools enable companies to screen potential candidates more quickly than manual screening. Plus, when posting ads on specific professional recruitment platforms, companies can build a robust database of talented candidates. Digital recruitment is particularly advantageous when hiring in large quantities, especially within the IT industry.
  • Transparent process – Subjectivity can impede successful recruitment outcomes. Digital platforms employ intelligent algorithms and mechanisms that aren’t influenced by emotions or personal preferences, making candidate selection safer.
  • Attracting talent – Digital recruitment tools help companies access a vast pool of skilled individuals. As Generation Y enters the job market, recruiters must adapt their hiring processes and offers to meet the younger generation’s expectations.

Traditional Recruitment – Does it Still Hold Value in the Digital Era?

Traditional recruitment relies on manual talent search methods conducted by HR departments. These methods include internal promotion or employee referrals, as well as offline advertising and CV collection for job opportunities.

Although traditional methods have been effective in recruiting talent in the past, they no longer suffice in today’s landscape. It is true that some recruitment stages still utilize traditional methods for their objectivity and reliability. However, in the IT sector, hybrid recruitment delivers the best outcomes. The hybrid model allows employers to conduct multiple interviews simultaneously, ultimately finding the ideal candidate in a relatively short time frame.

In essence, traditional recruitment falls short in meeting the current generation’s demands and does not yield the expected results quickly enough.

Furthermore, most companies collaborate with IT recruitment firms to ensure they secure the best team members. Even recruitment agencies are adopting hybrid recruitment models, as they offer new opportunities for enhancing the hiring process’s quality.

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